When the Universe Taps You on the Shoulder

Although I already know how special and magical Nuçi’s Space is, it never gets old when I’m reminded. There have been several circumstances over the years where “the universe” has tapped us on the shoulder to let us know we’re headed in the right direction. Depending on who you ask, there are many names and explanations for these moments. However, I like to think they are reminders that we are not alone in this world and that powers greater than you or I can influence our path in life.

There was a time, shortly after Nuçi’s Space opened its doors, when we had very little money in our checking account and prospects for raising additional funds were bleak. We had just received a bill for $1500 and I didn’t know where the money was going to come from to pay it. Although I could have passed the bill on to Linda to pay on our behalf, I was trying to convince her that it was time for Nuçi’s Space to thrive on its own. I didn’t want to have to eat my words. For me it was a pride thing. A couple of days went by and the stress of my predicament increased. On the third day I collected the mail on my way into work. Among the stack of junk mail and advertisements, was a handwritten envelope to Nuçi’s Space. The envelope contained a donation for exactly $1500, with a note attached that read “keep up the great work.”

Within the next day or so you’ll hear about a unique project that Nuçi’s Space is about to launch called Amplify. In short, the project will serve as a recording and video production studio to help us better advocate for brain illness treatment and allow us to “amplify” the work that we do to a much larger audience. Up to this point, almost all of the gear we’ve needed has been donated. One piece of gear that we didn’t have, but have been wanting to acquire, is a mixing console. We could move forward without it, but its presence in the studio would be an enhancement to the quality of what we can produce.

You can imagine my surprise when I arrived to work this morning and a 24 channel mixing console was sitting on the table in the library. I skipped my normal “hello” to staff and immediately started asking “Where did this come from?” and “Who’s is it?” I was told that it was a donation we received over the weekend. Wow!

Thank you Garrett. This place, the universe and the kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me.

2017 DBT DVD/Blu-ray offer

This will be the sixth year Three Dimes Down, the Drive-By Trucker’s fan club, has sold a live show to benefit us here at Nuçi’s Space. Three Dimes Down recorded and edited a 31-song scorcher at the National in Richmond, VA from 11/10/2016.

Last year they sold 159 and donated just over $7,500 in this drive. This band and their fans are integral to our cause, helping us make mental health resources available to musicians and other creatives in our community.

A minimum donation of $20 for the DVD & $25 for blu-ray will get you a copy of the show shot in High-Def .

Click here to make your donation

Spring Camp Amped 2017

We are excited for another Spring after-school session of campers. Learn from the best local Athens musicians and practice teamwork, showmanship and build self-confidence in our safe setting.

March 25th-April 1st – weekends and after-school from 4:30-7pm.

Camp Amped Spring Session, 2017 is ready for sign up.

Register Here

Scholarships are available

Click here for more information about the program

Alternatively, email Debbie or call 706.227.1515.

High Five Nuçi’s Space

The first call of the morning was from a young woman who has been a Nuçi’s Space client for most of 2016.  She called to say thank you and to let us know that she now has a full-time job with the benefit of health insurance and her mental health needs are now fully covered.  She was grateful for the assistance received and was glad that the assistance could now go to another client.

Visiting a counselor can be hard for anyone on a low wage but visiting a psychiatrist is almost impossible. Most musicians (and their colleague’s) often working more than one low waged job,  tend to fall under the radar as they are working but earn such a low wage they can’t afford health insurance. In an ironic twist, their wage is often so low that it does not even appear on the health care application as an option and so cannot get the rebate benefits afforded to people with a much greater income.

Hearing from a client who has her life under her own control and back on track is what makes us happy. It means we’re doing it right.

If you are interested in receiving support through Nuçi’s Space, or simply want to find out more our program, please give us a call (706.227.1515) Monday – Friday between 10 – 6pm and ask to speak with Lesley Cobbs. You can also contact her via a confidential email to




Peer Support



When three people in the same week ask if Nuçi’s Space has a mental health support group, there is only one thing to do.

Our Mental Health support group meets weekly, Monday evenings 5.30-7.30. It is free and open to anyone needing peer support.  Call 706-227-1515 for details.

We are a diverse peer lead and peer driven group that has the advantage of a volunteer counselor present for most  sessions.  Because of this, our group is able to develop and grow in a way that benefits both the group and its individual members to the fullest.

All too often, a condition or a diagnosis is seen to be  the whole of the person. Bipolar for instance is regularly used  as a discriptor before either hair color or profession  And it is easy to forget there is a person living with that descriptor whilst constantly learning how to normalize and overcome the problems associated with it.

As a group we focus on ourselves, our feelings and help support each other through problems and life’s challenges  sharing from our skills and experience, therapy and proven coping mechanisms.

Together we are stronger.



The universe sometimes has a unique way of snapping you out of whatever “funk” you may be in. I was sitting at my desk this morning, feeling a little tired and overwhelmed, when I heard a knock on the door. I got up to see who was here. We don’t get too many visitors at 8:30 in the morning. 🙂 Standing on the patio was a very nice man. He was kind and respectful. I also noticed that he seemed to be carrying all of his belongings on a makeshift roll-cart. I asked him if he wanted to come in for a few minutes to warm-up. He declined, citing the many things he needed to accomplish during the day. However, he pulled $5 out of his pocket and said how much he appreciated what we do at Nuçi’s Space. He wanted to purchase a raffle ticket for the Nuci+1 Pass.He had seen posters everywhere around town. (Kristina Greene) I told him that his visit really helped me this morning and I asked if I could purchase the ticket for him. He accepted my offer and shook my hand, saying ‘thank you.” I’m amazed at the myriad of lessons you can learn by simply mustering up the energy to go open the door. Thank you J for being a great teacher this morning.

18 Athens & Atlanta Venues donated a year of free shows to nuçipass 2017

Guest list for you (+1) for the entire year of 2017 at all these Venues! Thanks so much for your support! Music Venues taking care of Musicians!

40 Watt Club

Caledonia Lounge

Georgia Theatre


Normaltown Hall

Live Wire

The Foundry

Buckhead Theatre

Center Stage

Cox Capitol Theatre (Macon)

Eddies Attic

Red Clay Music Foundry

Smith’s Olde Bar

Star Bar

Terminal West

The Loft

Variety Playhouse


Nuçipass Ticket Donations

Music Venues Supporting Musicians! A total of 9 Venues, Bands & Festivals have generously donated tickets to Nuçipass 2017! Check them out here!

Georgia Theatre Presents – Athens & Atlanta – All GATH Presents SHows put on at other venues

Chastain Park Amphitheater- Atlanta – table for six at a mutually agreed upon show

Classic Center – Athens – Pair of tickets to the Broadway Production “Once” February 23, 2017

Fox Theatre – Pair of tickets to NORAH JONES March 11, 2017

Fox Theatre – Pair of tickets to Hedwig & the Angry Inch April 5, 2017

North Georgia Folk Festival – Athens – Pair of tickets for October 7, 2017

Wildwood Revival – Athens – Pair of General Admission tickets 2017 Dates TBA

Slingshot – Athens – 2017 Dates TBA

Eden Reunion Show – @ Avondale Estates January 14, 2017

Widespread Panic – Pair of tickets to both of their shows @Centennial Park April 2016