Camp Amped Summer 2017 Registration Open

Camp Amped Summer Session 2017 is Ready for Sign Up

We are excited for another summer session of campers! Learn from the best local musicians and practice teamwork, improve showmanship, and build self-confidence in our safe setting. Registration deadline is Friday, April 21st.  More information about the audition/interview process will be sent out after registration has been received.

Session 1:

June 5 – 17

Monday-Friday 9-5pm

Grand Finale on Saturday, June 17th

Session 2:

July 10 – 22

Monday – Friday 9-5pm,

Grand Finale on Saturday, July 22nd

Register Here 

Scholarships are Available

Click Here for more Information About the Program

Alternatively, email Debbie or call 706.227.1515

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Athens Business Rocks 2017

ABR link img

Missing out?

You are missing out if you have never attended Athens Business Rocks. Simply put, your favorite local businesses come together & raise money for Nuçi’s Space.

Athens is full of musicians who work “regular” jobs. ABR gives these musicians an opportunity to form a band with their co-workers and rock it out live on the 40 Watt Stage to compete for the Grand Champion Title.

How do they win?

They go out into the community and ask for “votes”.  These votes translate into dollars and the band that raises the most for Nuçi’s Space wins.

Don’t be fooled though, the funds are important, but the show is not to be missed. Athens Business Rocks never disappoints!

Learn more about how you can get involved at


I am Nuçi’s Space – Volunteer Hannah Thomas

Image Dave Chamberlin and Hannah Thomas

Nuçi’s Space is a true, bona fide community. To me, the most marked characteristic of Nuçi’s Space isn’t the beautiful, industrial-chic building that may as well breathe – it is the people; people who fill the space with care and big, boundless welcomes.


I’ve been a volunteer with Nuçi’s Space since August of last year (2016). When I was a Freshman at UGA the year before, I remember taking pictures outside of its building I knew nothing about. The exterior is as interesting, artistic, and eclectic as the people within; really, I think it’s a perfect fit and an absolute reflection. I love volunteering in the way of community work and have been doing so since high school because I love plugging into where I live and giving something of my own to it. Being relatively new to Athens, Nuçi’s Space was just another way to make that connection, and I am so grateful I’ve been able to do so.


For me, the joy of being at Nuçi’s Space has been less about Athens and more about the passion that comes from inside this space. I never considered the benefits of being near the turning cogs of a non-profit, but because the leaders of Nuçi’s Space make their mission and their community number one, witnessing the benefits of this musician’s community is a joy. I’ve gravitated toward community work for as long as I can drive, and witnessing people whose personal missions are giving back day-in and day-out make me believe that one day, I can be a person who works for that purpose, too. As college students, our eyes are often turned to profit and accumulation; we better get some kickback from that expensive college degree, or what was the point? But the point, as modelled by the staff at Nuçi’s Space, is that our personal communities can function from love, understanding, outreach, and personal expression. All of these qualities of life are aspects that Nuçi’s Space practices, and provides to others who come in its doors.


And, from a personal perspective, these qualities are constructed none more so than by the friends I’ve made at Nuçi’s Space – the staff. I can’t impress how genuine each person is. Of course, they’re all individuals and not to be generalized, but I haven’t come across a humbler or more loving group of people. Whether it’s a passing welcome from behind the counter, or a staff member eating lunch with me to keep me company, or a staff member offering me a chocolate chip muffin just because, the people of Nuçi’s Space are who feed its breathing walls. I like to look at the picture of Nuçi (who now would be in his forties) when my back is turned on the receptionist’s desk. It’s a magical, encapsulated grasp of youth, that picture of him in a field. Youth fades, and as we know only too well, so does life. What doesn’t fade is one’s effect on the world. It isn’t lost on me that the reason anyone within Nuçi’s Space gets to be together is Nuçi, whose effect on the world spreads every day in Athens and elsewhere. My time at college, and most likely at Nuçi’s Space, is part of my own magical, encapsulated grasp at youth – it’s only a moment. There will be so many more, so many others. But a moment or a soul is by no means ended when we leave it or when it leaves us, as we know so well with Nuçi, and the people I’ve met and befriended, and the memories I’ve made, I will carry forever.

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I am Nuçi’s Space

We want to share stories of how our staff and programs help our community. Below is a letter from a member of our community that has after much trial and error began to see hope for a brighter day. She said, she can  feel happy,  for the first time in years.

We commend her hard work,  patience, determination and wish only continued success.

We are always here to help.

“I’ve been severely depressed and suicidal since I can remember and have been through countless therapists and psychiatrists and finally gave up the search for the right person and the right medications in my thirties, seventeen years ago. After a two year suicidal depression in my forties, I finally decided to seek help again and turned to Nuci’s Space, in crisis and at the end of my rope.

Your team was conscientious and kind, understanding that I feared getting help again as most of the time the medications were as bad as the depression for me, and guided me through it. The team at Nuçi’s Space, Dr. Orr, Family Counseling Services, and my therapist, Mike, have all been incredible. Here I am a little over a year and though admittedly, many tries at different medications later, and I can finally say that I am no longer depressed, and most certainly not suicidal.

Dr. Orr put me on a new anti-depressant a month ago and in the last two weeks as it’s reached efficacy I have experienced an enjoyment of the things and the people around me, happiness, contentment, functionality, clear-headedness. Things that I had begun to think were not ever possible for me. Things I had given up on. I am writing this letter to let other know that they are not alone. That yes, the long process of finding the right medications for your particular brain chemistry can be grueling and frustrating, but keep trying. I wouldn’t trade these last two weeks for anything in the world. Once you find the right ones, life is possible again and no longer merely a struggle to keep up. I never thought it could happen, but it has.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for saving my life.

(Name removed) ”

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A Beautiful Here: by Linda Phillips – Wins Gold Award

A beautiful Here wins Gold Blog image Link to Purchase

Linda’s book A Beautiful Here took GOLD

Congratulations to Nuçi’s mom and our Founder,  Linda  Phillips for winning   1st place from the prestigious Feathered Quill Book Awards 2017. She won the category of  Best Memoir, for her superb book A Beautiful Here: Emerging from the Overwhelming Darkness of My Son’s Suicide.

The following has been taken  from the letter informing Linda of her well-deserved win.

“Dear Ms. Phillips:

We are excited to announce that the book “A Beautiful Here” has won the Gold/1st Place award in the 2017 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for the Best Memoir category!  Congratulations!  We had a HUGE response to our annual awards program, with many excellent books vying for top places.  Your title rose to the top and you should be quite proud.”

She also goes on to say

“Attached, please find a digital award seal for use in your promotional materials.  You are granted the right to use the seal in all your marketing materials.

Again, congratulations on your win!


Ellen Feld

Editor ”

Gold Award Image link to award winners

Everyone here at Nuçi’s Space is delighted and excited to share this news.

Linda’s book is uplifting and inspirational to each of us on a daily basis and is,  of course,   a survival tool bringing hope to those of us left behind after the loss of a loved one to suicide.

For us, and all who know Linda, she is an inspiration and is in our hearts. “A Beautiful Here” helps spread her wisdom expertise and experience to inspire and help even more people heal from the loss of a loved one to suicide.

The award-winning book, A Beautiful Here: Emerging from the Overwhelming Darkness of My Son’s Suicide by Linda Phillips can be purchased from Amazon or collected directly from Nuçi’s Space.


Edgar Allen Poe Found Alive and Well in Athens

One hundred and sixty-seven years ago, Edgar Allan Poe died a mysterious death, the cause unknown even today.

Or so we have been led to believe.

Prepare to be amazed as I present you with a hitherto unknown mystery and then be amazed for a second time as I link Nuçi’s Space and master of the macabre Edgar Allen Poe without a second thought, like only an 80’s goth can.

Yeah, I ‘m gonna do that.

Working at Nuçi’s space is a privilege.  The people I work with are fantastic, very talented and it turns out, very, observant. I could wax lyrical about each of them all day but today I am focusing on the one who calls himself Glen.

Let us talk about this, so called, Glen.

Dave our Volunteer Coordinator and silent auction maestro was in a particularly good humor on Monday evening and happened to point out that Glen, one of our night guys, ’ Night Guys’, in that he chooses to work only at night!  has a doppelganger. Well Glen, Mister Night Guy, looks remarkably like one of my favorite writers, only  Edgar Allan bloomin’ Poe.  Dave showed me an image I had seen a million times before and wow! The resemblance hit me like a hissing black cat jumping from behind a box on a shelf in the basement.  I cannot believe I had never noticed it before.E A Poe image

So similar are they, I put it to you they may well be one in the same.

The evidence is clear.



Poe has been known to use a pseudonym.

 Is Glen your friend on Facebook under his pseudonym?




Poe wrote Murders in the Rue Morgue.

Glen is often seen at shows around Athens including those of Eight Track Gorilla! Coincidence?


Poe wrote Tell Tale Heart.

Glen is a drummer. Trying to hide anything Glen?



Poe wrote The Fall of the House of Usher.

Glen works for Jittery Joes,   a coffee house  who’s roaster had to relocate due to demolition!



Is the resemblance and all this solid evidence just a simple coincidence?

Is Glen Reese a direct descendant of the great man?

Did Poe actually die or is he still alive today working at Nuçi’s Space in between gigs?


You decide.

First Call of the Morning…Genetic Testing


blog header img telephone

The first call of the morning was…Genetic Testing.

He had always been hesitant about taking medication for his condition due to the (commonly held) fear of not being able to find the right drug or combination of drugs.  Recently he heard about Genetic Testing and wondered if we had any information on it.

I sent him an email with all the information he needed and the Genetic Test is incorporated into his moving forward therapy plan.

For some people finding the right drug or combination of drugs can take a lot of time and trial and error often accompanied by unwanted side effects adding to the problems the brain illness has already wrought. This is where the test comes into its own.  So many of the drugs suitable for a specific condition can be ruled out, leaving fewer to try, cutting out months,  even years of trial and error.


A simple quick and painless DNA cheek swab test is available right here in Athens via Athens Behavioral   (706) 316–1908 .You don’t need a prescription or an appointment. You can walk in any Friday and if you have insurance the test will cost $20.00.

Without insurance however  (not mentioned on their web page) the cost is a whopping $4000.00.  DNA tests are of course readily available elsewhere between $250 and $500

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first call put through to our counseling advocate that day. 

The Musician’s Oasis

Author Image

Nuçi’s Space Youth Outreach

For one week I was lucky enough to be Debbie Watson’s intern at Nuçi’s Space. I helped her organize Camp Amped information, and worked with her in recording donations. My favorite part of it all was watching her and her colleagues speak to various people about how the organization got started, and what keeps it going. You can see that it is well supported; there is a wall covered in records displaying their primary donor’s names.

Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit organization, so donations are a main part of the money that comes in. They also have a summer camp for middle and high school students. This is a great way for young people to get involved with music and bands.

Nuçi’s Space gives off a happy vibe to anyone who comes in; I see that every day. Perhaps you need to talk to someone about what’s on your mind, or you’re just in for a good cup of coffee. Maybe you want to reserve a practice room for you and your band mates, or have a meeting about an issue you have within the group. Nuçi’s Space provides versatile services for anyone and everyone.

My experience at Nuçi’s Space was fantastic. I would recommend to any aspiring musicians to give Nuçi’s Space a try. You never know, maybe you’ll find music to be your true passion.

Audrey Enghauser
Athens Montessori Middle School

First Call of the Morning…California


blog header img telephoneThe first call of the morning was an Athens musician recently moved to California and in need of mental health services. He wanted to know if there was some place like Nuçi’s Space on the west coast. Sadly there isn’t but we did manage to get him fixed up with a list of sliding scale resources that helped him out.

He found a counselor and a psychiatrist.


National calls such as these are frequent at Nuçi’s Space

When in good mental health a Google search or a telephone call is something we can usually do without a second thought. In the grip of anxiety or a depression,  however,  such simple tasks seem insurmountable and can become not only impossible but the source of even more severe stress and anxiety.


Whilst we have no therapy partnerships outside of Georgia we can still search your city for helpful resources to ensure you have a solid starting point when you are unable to do such tasks yourself.



You can check out  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention &  National Institute of Mental health  as starting points for lots of useful information.  Espanol

During office hours you can call us 706-227-1515 or E-mail


Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first call put through to our counseling advocate that day. 


First Call of the Morning …The Gulf

First Call img telephone

The first call of the morning was from a soldier serving in the Gulf, very concerned and asking how to get help for a family member here in Athens.  I gave the Georgia crisis and access line number in case of an emergency and then explained our process so the family member could have us as a resource if they needed. The family member came down and is now in counseling.


The Georgia Crisis and Access line 800-715-4225  has trained crisis counselors available 24/7 they can give advice or help you get help for yourself or for a friend during an emergency.  Nuçi’s Space  706-227-1515 is a good start to any mental health wellbeing journey and can connect you with the resources you need.

Asking for help can be very difficult especially during a period of anxiety or depression,  so knowing what to expect when you meet with a counselor or advocate can help calm things and often totally de-stress a situation being able to pass the information on right away is invaluable and can be the difference between getting or not getting help..

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first counseling call of the day.