First Call of the Morning…Genetic Testing


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The first call of the morning was…Genetic Testing.

He had always been hesitant about taking medication for his condition due to the (commonly held) fear of not being able to find the right drug or combination of drugs.  Recently he heard about Genetic Testing and wondered if we had any information on it.

I sent him an email with all the information he needed and the Genetic Test is incorporated into his moving forward therapy plan.

For some people finding the right drug or combination of drugs can take a lot of time and trial and error often accompanied by unwanted side effects adding to the problems the brain illness has already wrought. This is where the test comes into its own.  So many of the drugs suitable for a specific condition can be ruled out, leaving fewer to try, cutting out months,  even years of trial and error.


A simple quick and painless DNA cheek swab test is available right here in Athens via Athens Behavioral   (706) 316–1908 .You don’t need a prescription or an appointment. You can walk in any Friday and if you have insurance the test will cost $20.00.

Without insurance however  (not mentioned on their web page) the cost is a whopping $4000.00.  DNA tests are of course readily available elsewhere between $250 and $500

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first call put through to our counseling advocate that day. 

The Musician’s Oasis

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Nuçi’s Space Youth Outreach

For one week I was lucky enough to be Debbie Watson’s intern at Nuçi’s Space. I helped her organize Camp Amped information, and worked with her in recording donations. My favorite part of it all was watching her and her colleagues speak to various people about how the organization got started, and what keeps it going. You can see that it is well supported; there is a wall covered in records displaying their primary donor’s names.

Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit organization, so donations are a main part of the money that comes in. They also have a summer camp for middle and high school students. This is a great way for young people to get involved with music and bands.

Nuçi’s Space gives off a happy vibe to anyone who comes in; I see that every day. Perhaps you need to talk to someone about what’s on your mind, or you’re just in for a good cup of coffee. Maybe you want to reserve a practice room for you and your band mates, or have a meeting about an issue you have within the group. Nuçi’s Space provides versatile services for anyone and everyone.

My experience at Nuçi’s Space was fantastic. I would recommend to any aspiring musicians to give Nuçi’s Space a try. You never know, maybe you’ll find music to be your true passion.

Audrey Enghauser
Athens Montessori Middle School

First Call of the Morning…California


blog header img telephoneThe first call of the morning was an Athens musician recently moved to California and in need of mental health services. He wanted to know if there was some place like Nuçi’s Space on the west coast. Sadly there isn’t but we did manage to get him fixed up with a list of sliding scale resources that helped him out.

He found a counselor and a psychiatrist.


National calls such as these are frequent at Nuçi’s Space

When in good mental health a Google search or a telephone call is something we can usually do without a second thought. In the grip of anxiety or a depression,  however,  such simple tasks seem insurmountable and can become not only impossible but the source of even more severe stress and anxiety.


Whilst we have no therapy partnerships outside of Georgia we can still search your city for helpful resources to ensure you have a solid starting point when you are unable to do such tasks yourself.



You can check out  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention &  National Institute of Mental health  as starting points for lots of useful information.  Espanol

During office hours you can call us 706-227-1515 or E-mail


Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first call put through to our counseling advocate that day. 


First Call of the Morning …The Gulf

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The first call of the morning was from a soldier serving in the Gulf, very concerned and asking how to get help for a family member here in Athens.  I gave the Georgia crisis and access line number in case of an emergency and then explained our process so the family member could have us as a resource if they needed. The family member came down and is now in counseling.


The Georgia Crisis and Access line 800-715-4225  has trained crisis counselors available 24/7 they can give advice or help you get help for yourself or for a friend during an emergency.  Nuçi’s Space  706-227-1515 is a good start to any mental health wellbeing journey and can connect you with the resources you need.

Asking for help can be very difficult especially during a period of anxiety or depression,  so knowing what to expect when you meet with a counselor or advocate can help calm things and often totally de-stress a situation being able to pass the information on right away is invaluable and can be the difference between getting or not getting help..

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first counseling call of the day.  

First Call of the Morning …Panic

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The first call of the morning was in a panic. He wanted so badly to have a drink or take something. Anything.

We talked about all the resources,  strategies and agencies he had available and I listened to what was being problematic for him right now.   I reminded him that Nuçi’s Space was a good place to be when the world gets too much and he could come hang out with us anytime during the day. He is sitting on the porch now having a cigarette and a cup of tea with a smile on his face. He looks at ease.

I am in brief contact with him nearly every day and have been for nearly three months. When he is doing well he calls me his angel and his touchstone. Sometimes just being available for a 2-minute call is enough.


Many of our clients have addiction problems often overlying depression or similar condition and so can use extra support and additions to their scheduled therapy.  Current free support groups are regularly listed in the The Flagpole . Groups often work really well together with therapy.

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first counseling call of the day.  

I am Nuçi’s Space

We want to share stories of how our staff and programs help our community. Below is a letter from a member of our community that has been a year sober. We commend their hard work and wish them continued success. We are always here to help.

Thank you, Lesley and everyone involved in keeping our community well.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hello Lesley,

I wanted to thank Nuci’s Space and you in particular for being instrumental in facilitating the beginning of my recovery process in January of 2016. Last week, on January 14, 2017, I picked up a blue chip in AA. I would have never believed I could experience a year without substance let alone a day. It has been a tremendous year of growth, discovery and made a world of difference in my life.

When I walked through the door at Nuci’s Space last year a broken human being, I was entirely without resource. Facing the insurmountable expense of attending the six-week treatment program at The Athens Area Commencement Center, I was without direction. That is until I remembered my community of Athens, GA is blessed by the presence of a first-class musician’s outreach center in Nuci’s Space.

You played an integral and unforgettable role in connecting me with Music Cares in Nashville who provided a support grant that covered 50% of the cost of treatment. I can’t underscore the importance of having you make this connection because I would have otherwise never known about it. That grant, coupled with the support of my friends and family through a capital campaign, saw to it that I would enter the program, graduate successfully and go on to maintain a year’s sobriety (and counting).

I have been transformed as a person, a father, a husband, a musician and a human being as a result of your assistance. I understand that making and maintaining the commitment has been my choice, however, were it not for Nuci’s Space, I’m fairly certain I’d still be out there in active addiction.

Following treatment at AACC, you also facilitated a subsidized, 12-session counseling period at the Carson Center for which I am also grateful. Once the veil of abuse has been lifted, there remains a lot of work to be done on the mind. I was able to benefit greatly from these counseling sessions which helped to stabilize and enrich my quality of life.

I am the father of a 3 year old son. If not only for myself, my sobriety is profound for his benefit as he will never know his father to be suffering in active addiction.

In short, Nuci’s Space is a beautiful, compassionate, caring and hugely significant institution in this community and beyond. To you I give thanks and deserved praise.

Keep doing what you’re doing. Stories like mine will continue to visit you ten fold.


(name removed)

Ear Protection-Priceless. Casting Day with ACS

Ear Protection is Vital to Musicians.

So Nuçi’s Space teamed up with MusiCares and ACS Custom USA to bring free professional grade ear plugs to Athens,  for musicians and the people they work with.Ear Protection-Ellie gets protected

Casting the Molds

Quick, easy and painless foam castings were made today.

The team from ACS are consummate professionals and adept at creating the molds. Molds which are then used to create a unique custom earplug fitted with a chosen dB level filter and mailed out to us in a few days.   The molds are kept on file for 4 years and during that time replacements can be had. Even the filters can be changed to meet new demands.

50 Appointments Made Available

It was great to see so many old friends today and to meet some new ones from Atlanta too.  47 people attended their $200 appointment and showed their ears some serious care and protection.  The value of the ear plugs cast today is a whopping  $9,400.00. The total cost to each of our 47 clients, zero dollars!

All of us at Nuçi’s Space are thrilled that we could partner with MusiCares and ACS to provide this awesome service, often so far out of financial reach of most musicians it is not even a consideration and so hearing suffers.

Thank’s guys, you rock!

And now we can too, without damaging our precious hearing. It was a pleasure meeting you both and working with you at Nuçi’s Space today.

ACS Custom Guys- Ear Protection

Tell Your Friends.

Athens professional musicians and people who work in the industry, if you did not manage to get an appointment, send an email to and we will give you a heads up when the next event takes place.

All our services are advertised on our calendar and on our Facebook page, check them out and don’t forget to like and follow so you always hear what’s going on first.calendar image for ear clinic

When the Universe Taps You on the Shoulder

Although I already know how special and magical Nuçi’s Space is, it never gets old when I’m reminded. There have been several circumstances over the years where “the universe” has tapped us on the shoulder to let us know we’re headed in the right direction. Depending on who you ask, there are many names and explanations for these moments. However, I like to think they are reminders that we are not alone in this world and that powers greater than you or I can influence our path in life.

There was a time, shortly after Nuçi’s Space opened its doors, when we had very little money in our checking account and prospects for raising additional funds were bleak. We had just received a bill for $1500 and I didn’t know where the money was going to come from to pay it. Although I could have passed the bill on to Linda to pay on our behalf, I was trying to convince her that it was time for Nuçi’s Space to thrive on its own. I didn’t want to have to eat my words. For me it was a pride thing. A couple of days went by and the stress of my predicament increased. On the third day I collected the mail on my way into work. Among the stack of junk mail and advertisements, was a handwritten envelope to Nuçi’s Space. The envelope contained a donation for exactly $1500, with a note attached that read “keep up the great work.”

Within the next day or so you’ll hear about a unique project that Nuçi’s Space is about to launch called Amplify. In short, the project will serve as a recording and video production studio to help us better advocate for brain illness treatment and allow us to “amplify” the work that we do to a much larger audience. Up to this point, almost all of the gear we’ve needed has been donated. One piece of gear that we didn’t have, but have been wanting to acquire, is a mixing console. We could move forward without it, but its presence in the studio would be an enhancement to the quality of what we can produce.

You can imagine my surprise when I arrived to work this morning and a 24 channel mixing console was sitting on the table in the library. I skipped my normal “hello” to staff and immediately started asking “Where did this come from?” and “Who’s is it?” I was told that it was a donation we received over the weekend. Wow!

Thank you Garrett. This place, the universe and the kindness of strangers will never cease to amaze me.

2017 DBT DVD/Blu-ray offer

This will be the sixth year Three Dimes Down, the Drive-By Trucker’s fan club, has sold a live show to benefit us here at Nuçi’s Space. Three Dimes Down recorded and edited a 31-song scorcher at the National in Richmond, VA from 11/10/2016.


Last year they sold 159 and donated just over $7,500 in this drive.

That translates to:
250 individual counseling appointments
150 individual psychiatry appointments

This band and their fans are integral to our cause, helping us make mental health resources available to musicians and other creatives in our community.

A minimum donation of $20 for the DVD & $25 for blu-ray will get you a copy of the show shot in High-Def .

3DD DVD Donation details:
The show was 2:38 with no encore break and will come on 3 dvds or 2 blu-rays
A $20 minimum donation will get the dvd sent to your door
A $25 minimum donation gets you the Blu-ray


If you’re sending a check, make sure you include “3DD” and your user name (if you have one) in the memo line!

Mail it to:
Nuci’s Space
396 Oconee Street
Athens, GA 30601

You also have to pay for shipping
Shipping and Handling is
S&H for the dvd is $4.83
S&H for the Blu-ray is $5.54
Pay via Paypal–Paypal address is:
Or you can send a check to jon cont (PM him OR email me ( for his address)
Please indicate if you want a DVD or Blu-ray

Click here to make your donation

Spring Camp Amped 2017

We are excited for another Spring after-school session of campers. Learn from the best local Athens musicians and practice teamwork, showmanship and build self-confidence in our safe setting.

March 25th-April 1st – weekends and after-school from 4:30-7pm.

Camp Amped Spring Session, 2017 is ready for sign up.

Register Here

Scholarships are available

Click here for more information about the program

Alternatively, email Debbie or call 706.227.1515.