Peer Support



When three people in the same week ask if Nuçi’s Space has a mental health support group, there is only one thing to do.

Our Mental Health support group meets weekly, Monday evenings 5.30-7.30. It is free and open to anyone needing peer support.  Call 706-227-1515 for details.

We are a diverse peer lead and peer driven group that has the advantage of a volunteer counselor present for most  sessions.  Because of this, our group is able to develop and grow in a way that benefits both the group and its individual members to the fullest.

All too often, a condition or a diagnosis is seen to be  the whole of the person. Bipolar for instance is regularly used  as a discriptor before either hair color or profession  And it is easy to forget there is a person living with that descriptor whilst constantly learning how to normalize and overcome the problems associated with it.

As a group we focus on ourselves, our feelings and help support each other through problems and life’s challenges  sharing from our skills and experience, therapy and proven coping mechanisms.

Together we are stronger.