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After a brief hiatus, we have rebooted our Mental Health Peer Support group. 

You will find us in our meeting room here at the Space.   We get together every second Wednesday 6-7 PM. It is free and open to anyone needing peer support.

As a group, we focus on ourselves. We work through our feelings and help support each other through problems and life’s challenges. Sharing our skills and experience, therapies and proven coping mechanisms.

While counseling or medication is often a keystone to wellness it rarely has magical cure-all properties when you have a brain illness. Especially when that illness manifests depression, anxiety,  or both,  and sometimes as life-threatening symptoms.

We have to incorporate many strategies and avenues of support.

From creating healthy life patterns and routines to improving ourselves by incorporating positive and healthy lifestyle changes, habits and choices,  we have to work constantly to stay level and keep depression and anxiety at bay or to stop ourselves drifting into a depression. Alone this can be almost impossible but together we have a much better chance.

We are a diverse peer lead and peer-driven group.   Because of this, our group is able to develop and grow in a way that benefits both the group and its individual members to the fullest. If the group decides to meet more often, we can do that, if the group wants an educator to give a talk , we can do that.

The greatest thing about a peer group is the simple and effective support another individual can give.

Is depression or anxiety is a symptom of your condition? Then a peer group might be the extra support you need.

Together we are stronger.

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