May is Mental Health Awareness Month: 8-14th May is Mental Health Awareness Week

What is Mental Health Awareness Month?

The clue is in the title; it is a time for action. A time marked on every mental health organization’s calendar to begin new campaigns relevant to our mental health cause.


What is Mental Health Awareness Week?

Annually for a week during May, international, national, regional, and local groups, organizations and individuals lend their voice and together raise awareness about mental health issues.


But you do all of that already!

Of course, we all work year round to attempt to educate and inform our communities as well as working to end the stigma and to encourage and assist more people to get help when they need it. However, this is a week when all of us, working together, can make a much louder noise. And maybe someone who hasn’t heard us before will get access to help when they need it for themselves or others.

Okay, got it.  So what are you doing this year?

Our most recent campaign is starting May 1st  “Help a Friend” is just that. It shares how to help a friend in need, in the simplest yet most effective of ways.

For Athens and our Georgia community, we have created a paper pamphlet describing three things anyone can do, right now, to help a friend. Drop by the Space and pick one up we are open seven days a week from 12 pm. Take a couple with you for your work, you will be surprised how many people ask for them. I was.

We have also created a really useful and very handy business sized card with crisis and important line numbers. You can have those resources at hand, readily available right there in your wallet.  If you can’t get to Nuçi’s Space to pick one up you can download this image scale it to suit your needs and share it via social media or email.

img crisis line numbers


That’s all well and good, but I’m in California. How can I help my friends?

The Trevor Project, Hope Line, Lifelines and text lines are all still valid; they help and support nationally. But aside from that, well it’s funny you should ask. We were thinking the very same thing and so for later in Mental Health Awareness Month we will be distributing our free E-book. (This is taking a little longer than anticipated but it’s coming soon!)

A book for everyone who wants to be prepared and able to help their friend.

You will have access to all the information you need to access the right resources to find the best agencies available to help your friends.

The information in the E-book can be distributed electronically,  to make sharing resources a piece of cake no matter where you are. We welcome its inclusion on social media, newsletters, websites, and e-mail or you can even print it and hand it out.


That’s kinda awesome Nuçi’s Space!

I know right!

Not only that but our ‘Help a Friend’ campaign is helping us.

It is being used to spread our message of Mental Health Awareness,  and how to help your loved ones even further afield as we build on the campaign with the addition of the E-Book to make it a national resource.

#helpafriend Putting life-saving resources in your hands