I am Nuçi’s Space

We want to share stories of how our staff and programs help our community. Below is a letter from a member of our community that has after much trial and error began to see hope for a brighter day. She said, she can  feel happy,  for the first time in years.

We commend her hard work,  patience, determination and wish only continued success.

We are always here to help.

“I’ve been severely depressed and suicidal since I can remember and have been through countless therapists and psychiatrists and finally gave up the search for the right person and the right medications in my thirties, seventeen years ago. After a two year suicidal depression in my forties, I finally decided to seek help again and turned to Nuci’s Space, in crisis and at the end of my rope.

Your team was conscientious and kind, understanding that I feared getting help again as most of the time the medications were as bad as the depression for me, and guided me through it. The team at Nuçi’s Space, Dr. Orr, Family Counseling Services, and my therapist, Mike, have all been incredible. Here I am a little over a year and though admittedly, many tries at different medications later, and I can finally say that I am no longer depressed, and most certainly not suicidal.

Dr. Orr put me on a new anti-depressant a month ago and in the last two weeks as it’s reached efficacy I have experienced an enjoyment of the things and the people around me, happiness, contentment, functionality, clear-headedness. Things that I had begun to think were not ever possible for me. Things I had given up on. I am writing this letter to let other know that they are not alone. That yes, the long process of finding the right medications for your particular brain chemistry can be grueling and frustrating, but keep trying. I wouldn’t trade these last two weeks for anything in the world. Once you find the right ones, life is possible again and no longer merely a struggle to keep up. I never thought it could happen, but it has.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for saving my life.

(Name removed) ”

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