The First Callof the Morning was…High Five Nuçi’s Space


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The first call of the morning was from a young woman who has been a Nuçi’s Space client for most of 2016.  She called to say thank you and to let us know that she now has a full-time job with the benefit of health insurance and her mental health needs are now fully covered.  She was grateful for the assistance received and was glad that the assistance could now go to another client.

Visiting a counselor can be hard for anyone on a low wage but visiting a psychiatrist is almost impossible. Most musicians (and their colleague’s) often working more than one low waged job,  tend to fall under the radar as they are working but earn such a low wage they can’t afford health insurance. In an ironic twist, their wage is often so low that it does not even appear on the health care application as an option and so cannot get the rebate benefits afforded to people with a much greater income.

Hearing from a client who has her life under her own control and back on track is what makes us happy. It means we’re doing it right.

If you are interested in receiving support through Nuçi’s Space, or simply want to find out more our program, please give us a call (706.227.1515) Monday – Friday between 10 – 6pm and ask to speak with Lesley Cobbs. You can also contact her via a confidential email to