Counseling Services

Whether you are seeking support for your own well-being, for a loved one or for a friend, you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help.

The focus of Nuçi’s Space is the well-being of musicians. Our first responsibility is to create a safe, healthy and supportive environment that is free of fear, stigma or judgement. After speaking with our Counseling Advocate, Lesley Cobbs, and with your consent, we will connect you with a mental health professional who will work with you to find an appropriate treatment plan. During our long history in serving the community, we have been very fortunate to have developed strong professional and personal friendships with a diverse group of licensed professional counselors who continue to volunteer to see musicians at very low rate.

If you are interested in receiving support through Nuçi’s Space, or simply want to find out more our program, please give us a call (706.227.1515) Monday – Friday between 10 – 6pm and ask to speak with Lesley Cobbs. You can also contact her via a confidential email to

Although the focus of Nuçi’s Space is to serve musicians and the creative community, please don’t hesitate to call if you need guidance. We will do our best to connect you with the appropriate services and resources, regardless of your profession.



Nuçi’s Space is not a suicide hotline.

If you are having a crisis or emergency, call 911 or a suicide hotline.

National Suicide Prevention: 1.800.273.8255
Georgia Crisis Line: 1.800.715.4225
HopeLine: 1.800.442.HOPE
Crisis Text Line: Text ‘start’ to 741-741

If you are interested accessing our Health & Wellness Resources, or just want to find out more about a program, please call 706.227.1515 between the hours of 10am to 6pm and ask to speak with Lesley.


Health Clinic

Dental Care

Eye Care

Support Groups



Talk to Lesley

Call 706.227.1515 or email Lesleyfor more information about our Health & Wellness Services or to schedule an appointment to meet with her in person.

Building Bridges

Peer Support

Our mental health support group meets regularly, call 706-227-1515 for details.
Free of charge and open to anyone needing Mental Heath Peer Support.

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