First Call of the Morning …The Gulf

First Call img telephone

The first call of the morning was from a soldier serving in the Gulf, very concerned and asking how to get help for a family member here in Athens.  I gave the Georgia crisis and access line number in case of an emergency and then explained our process so the family member could have us as a resource if they needed. The family member came down and is now in counseling.


The Georgia Crisis and Access line 800-715-4225  has trained crisis counselors available 24/7 they can give advice or help you get help for yourself or for a friend during an emergency.  Nuçi’s Space  706-227-1515 is a good start to any mental health wellbeing journey and can connect you with the resources you need.

Asking for help can be very difficult especially during a period of anxiety or depression,  so knowing what to expect when you meet with a counselor or advocate can help calm things and often totally de-stress a situation being able to pass the information on right away is invaluable and can be the difference between getting or not getting help..

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first counseling call of the day.