First Call of the Morning …Panic

First Call of the Morning Blog image

The first call of the morning was in a panic. He wanted so badly to have a drink or take something. Anything.

We talked about all the resources,  strategies and agencies he had available and I listened to what was being problematic for him right now.   I reminded him that Nuçi’s Space was a good place to be when the world gets too much and he could come hang out with us anytime during the day. He is sitting on the porch now having a cigarette and a cup of tea with a smile on his face. He looks at ease.

I am in brief contact with him nearly every day and have been for nearly three months. When he is doing well he calls me his angel and his touchstone. Sometimes just being available for a 2-minute call is enough.


Many of our clients have addiction problems often overlying depression or similar condition and so can use extra support and additions to their scheduled therapy.  Current free support groups are regularly listed in the The Flagpole . Groups often work really well together with therapy.

Highlighting a regular start to the day at Nuçi’s Space  ‘The First Call’ is literally the first counseling call of the day.