Ear Protection-Priceless. Casting Day with ACS

Ear Protection is Vital to Musicians.

So Nuçi’s Space teamed up with MusiCares and ACS Custom USA to bring free professional grade ear plugs to Athens,  for musicians and the people they work with.Ear Protection-Ellie gets protected

Casting the Molds

Quick, easy and painless foam castings were made today.

The team from ACS are consummate professionals and adept at creating the molds. Molds which are then used to create a unique custom earplug fitted with a chosen dB level filter and mailed out to us in a few days.   The molds are kept on file for 4 years and during that time replacements can be had. Even the filters can be changed to meet new demands.

50 Appointments Made Available

It was great to see so many old friends today and to meet some new ones from Atlanta too.  47 people attended their $200 appointment and showed their ears some serious care and protection.  The value of the ear plugs cast today is a whopping  $9,400.00. The total cost to each of our 47 clients, zero dollars!

All of us at Nuçi’s Space are thrilled that we could partner with MusiCares and ACS to provide this awesome service, often so far out of financial reach of most musicians it is not even a consideration and so hearing suffers.

Thank’s guys, you rock!

And now we can too, without damaging our precious hearing. It was a pleasure meeting you both and working with you at Nuçi’s Space today.

ACS Custom Guys- Ear Protection

Tell Your Friends.

Athens professional musicians and people who work in the industry, if you did not manage to get an appointment, send an email to lesley@nuci.org and we will give you a heads up when the next event takes place.

All our services are advertised on our calendar and on our Facebook page, check them out and don’t forget to like and follow so you always hear what’s going on first.calendar image for ear clinic