Camp Amped – 10 Years Later or One Community Many Lives?

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2017 has proven to be another memorable year for Nuçi’s Space and Camp Amped.

Not only were we able to host two full sessions this summer, we were also able to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this astonishing program.

With a line-up of current and past Camp performers, the celebration brought out many smiles. Attendees were able to reflect on forgotten Camp photos and be in marvel at the talent and growth of so many Camp musicians.

From a bird’s eye view, Camp Amped is year round. The planning and preparation is always in rotation. Once spring CAAS finishes, summer preparations begin, and when summer is over Fall CAAS begins. And the cycle continues on and on, sometimes overlapping. But there was something special about 2017 that reminded me how fortunate it is to be a part of a program that has truly enriched me with a fuller life.


There were days that I spend hours working on camp registrations, responding to Camp donors or submitting grants. And then there were days during Camp that I get to spend hours just listening to the next generation of Athens musicians. It is those days when I felt most fortunate. I love being a support to these kids who are just trying to figure out how to use their passions and talent in the most positive way.Jackson EMC Donation image

 I have a general idea of who each camper is before camp even starts. This is based on their videos, auditions or applications, but I really begin to know each one of them when we spend hours together in this little blue building. So what does that look like for me… I can tell, especially for new campers and instructors, my role is not as obvious and sometimes I just become the person who makes sure everyone is safe and most importantly, fed!Camp Amped Chalk -Sam


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But as soon as the clock strikes 9am during a summer session I start doing a mental roll call. Remember, these are teenagers so 9am on a summer day is EARLY. We have a few different activities in the morning but the most popular one is Shauna’s angelic, meditation, singing bowls. Like most summers, we had a few late campers who would try to walk in as quietly as possible while trying not to make too much noise with their amp or guitar case. I would just throw them a smile and exhale to myself that everyone was accounted for.

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Everyone soon realizes the complementary relationship that Dan and I have are two connecting pieces of the Camp Amped puzzle.  His role as the Lead Instructor and mine as the Camp Coordinator is a hand in hand partnership that is as unique as the program. And so when I’m having a not so good day, he turns to the campers and says to them “Debbie’s taking hugs today”.  It’s the kind of kindness and love you can only find in a family. And that’s what we are here, a family.



On top of our normal summer Camp Amped program, we had the task of putting on a very special event to celebrate 10 years of Camp at Nuçi’s Space. And who better to take on this task than the campers themselves. The challenge was grand and the tasks were numerous but I knew when I reached out to these two young ladies to take the lead of this momentous event it would be amazing.

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Camp Amped 10 th imageDeylah (’07, ’08) and Mamie (’13, ’14, ’15) not only met the challenge but exceeded my expectations.

It was a night filled with talents on every level. Campers who had just met the year before rocking out their tunes to campers who have grown up together playing like old souls. An event on this level can only be accomplished with tons of support. As in the past, our community did not fall short. Whether it was to fill the library with food or make every performer be seen and heard, every person who supports Nuçi’s Space and Camp Amped is one more piece of the Camp puzzle.

For more information on Nuçi’s Space and Camp Amped please check out the article Rock n Roll Survival Camp published in the Bitter Southerner and written by Mamie.

Camp Amped 10th Year Anniversary Performers: The Voltures, Freaky Styley, Jordan Rhym, Jacob Conley, Clarie Campbell, The Dookie Brothers, Ethan Crump, White Rabbit Collective


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What I learned in 2017 that I hadn’t noticed before is that it doesn’t matter if you were in Camp for 1 summer or 7, if you are a veteran instructor or a newbie, or if you’ve been the Camp Coordinator for 3 summers or 7, once you are in the Nuçi’s Space Camp Amped family, you’re in it for life. Thank you to everyone, especially those who were in the program before I came to the Space and still allow me to be connected to them!Camp Amped 10th Anniversary image

Thanks got to all our 2017 Supporters: James and Betty Huffer Foundation, Jackson EMC Foundation, The George Link Jr. Charitable Trust, Third Phase, Georgia Music Foundation, Ruby Sues, Thrasher Photo+Design, Colm O’Reilly, Adam Payne, Jason Huffer, Lesley and Maurice Cobbs, Big City Bread Art Collective, Full Moon Recording Studio, Amplify, Studio 1093, Chase Park Transduction, Apex Signs, Big City Bread, Chick-fil-A, Clocked, Mama’s Boy, The Grit, home.made, Last Resort Provisions, Publix, Pulaski Heights BBQ, Ted’s Most Best, Viva Argentine Cuisine, White Tiger, Keba Grill, Daily Co-Op, Waffle House, Paul and Sara Samuelson and Your Pie

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Text -Debbie Watson.  Photographs -Bella and Lesley