Click here for a list of some low-cost medical resources in the Athens.

Visit with a Primary Care Physician  

***Call to make an appointment (706.227.1515)

Dr. Kip Hicks, a local ER physician, sees  uninsured musicians at the Athens Nurses Clinic. Hicks volunteers  his time twice a month to evaluate and/or treat the non-urgent medical problems of uninsured musicians. Check our calendar to see his schedule.

Custom-fit Musicians’ Earplugs

As a service to Nuçi’s Space, Georgia Hearing Center in Athens, GA provides discounts on custom-fit earplugs to uninsured musicians. Nuçi’s Space pays $25, reducing the final cost of the musicians’ earplugs by almost 30%. An audiologist volunteers his time once a year to provide free hearing exams at Nuçi’s Space.

Visits to the Eye Doctor

As a service to Nuçi’s Space, Five Points Eye Care Center in Athens, GA provides low-cost comprehensive eye exams and refraction for uninsured musicians. A $10 “co-pay” is due at the time of service. Nuçi’s Space pays a remaining $25. Those in need of glasses may select from a Nuçi’s Space Special Collection of frames for a $35 “co-pay” which includes custom fitting by an Optician. Frames selected outside the group are discounted 20%.

Patients interested in our eye care program must pick up an authorization form from Nuçi’s Space before making their appointment. Call 706.227.1515 for more details.