Mental Health

The focus of Nuçi’s Space is the well being of musicians. Paramount to this concern is the ability to see a mental health professional without fear of stigma or negative repercussion. The role of Nuçi’s Space in this area is to direct troubled musicians to appropriate professionals in a private confidential manner. Nuçi’s Space has access to a bank of licensed professional counselors who agree to see musicians at a very low cost.

Give us a call

If you are interested in starting treatment, or just want to find out more about the program then give us a call. If you are calling Mon-Fri between the hours of 10-6 pm, call our main number at 706.227.1515 and ask to speak with Lesley Cobbs.
and we’ll get you started with someone who can help.

Note: Nuçi’s Space is NOT a suicide hotline. If you are having a crisis or emergency, call 911 or a suicide hotline.

Useful Links and Numbers:
Georgia Crisis and Access Line: 800-715-4225 help and advice 24/7

IMAlive : An online crisis network: the first online network with 100% of its volunteers trained and certified in crisis intervention.

HopeLine: 1-800-442-HOPE

Mental Health: Myths and Facts

The Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 Press 1

More than just a referral service
But Nuçi’s Space is more than simply a referral service. It is an active participant in the treatment program. There are no therapists on staff but there are caring fellow musicians who understand the intricacies of life in the music world. When someone calls or walks into Nuçi’s Space as often happens, the staff becomes a part of his life’s journey. In subtle, private ways the Nuçi’s Space program begins. As a sensitive good listener, the staff member hears the concerns of the musician and when deemed appropriate directs him to a professional. From this moment on the musician is encouraged to be at Nuçi’s Space and to use the Space as a support system through hard times as well as easy times.

Supporting the treatment
For someone who is feeling lonely, confused, and hopeless the hours and days between therapy sessions can be interminable. For someone who is put on medication, there is often no lasting relief until the medicine takes effect or until the right medicine is found and regulated. This can take as long as six weeks. It has been demonstrated repeatedly since the facility opened that the Nuçi’s Space concept of getting proper professional treatment and supporting that treatment with a healthy place that nurtures and supports can be exceedingly therapeutic and perhaps even life saving.

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