Q: I’m interested in your mental health services, where do I start?

A: We try and keep this process fairly simple. First you’ll need to contact our counseling advocate to set up an intake appointment – you won’t be meeting with a therapist at this time. This intake appointment is to find out more about what you’re looking for and what resources we have access to that will fit.

To make set up a meeting with our counseling advocate call 706.227.1515 during office hours (M-F; 10-6 PM) and tell the receptionist that you’re interested in the counseling program.  You can also email us at [email protected] to set up an appointment.

Q: I’m looking for a place for my band to rehearse – how do we get a space?

A: We have four rooms here at the Space that are available for rent from noon-2 a.m. seven days a week. You can rent a room by the hour or half-hour. Each room has a drum set, PA system, microphones, cables and stands. One of the four has an upright piano. Click here for more information on the practice rooms.

Q: I need gear for a show, do you rent musical equipment?

A: We do – click here for a list of everything we have. Equipment is rented by the day and you’ll need to reserve it ahead of time to guarantee that it’s available. Call 706.227.1515 to reserve equipment. When you pick it up you’ll need to bring a valid I.D. and a credit card.

Q: What is that thing under the C in Nuçi’s name?

A: Nuçi’s name contains a character called a cedilla. A cedilla is an accent mark added under certain consonant letters in order to modify its pronunciation. Named after his father’s favorite uncle, Nuçi’s name is of Albanian origin. The ç is pronounced “ch.”

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