Below you will find links to various news articles and editorials that discuss our 3 year struggle with the Athens Clarke County Tax Assessor’s Office to obtain a property tax exemption for Nuçi’s Space. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected].
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Bob Sleppy
Executive Director
Nuçi’s Space

  • Nuçi’s, Athens-Clarke make their cases
    Morris News Agency
    Athens-Banner Herald – 6.09.10

  • Justices grill both sides in Nuçi’s Space tax appeal
    Morris News Agency
    Athens-Banner Herald – 6.08.10

  • Eyes on Nuci’s Case
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 6.01.10

  • Press Release – 03.24.2010
  • High court will hear Nuçi’s tax case
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 3.17.10
  • High court agrees to hear Nuçi’s Space case
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 3.16.10
  • Nonprofits group backing Nuçi’s tax exemption fight
    Blake Aued
    Athens-BH – 12.26.09
  • Nuçi’s Space Seeks Relief from Appeals Court Ruling
    Andre Gallant
    Flagpole Magazine – 11.18.09
  • Candice Fountain: Nuçi’s Space earns tax exemption
    Letter to the Editor
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.17.09
  • Nuçi’s Space to fight tax ruling
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.10.09
  • Editorial: Rep. McKillip on right track for nonprofit
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.08.09
  • Nuçi’s case spurs bid to change law
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.7.09
  • Nuçi’s loses in tax case
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.6.09
  • Court rules county can tax Nuçi’s Space
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 11.5.09
  • Blackmon: It’s time for closer look at nonprofit status
    Myra Blackmon
    Athens-Banner Herald – 7.13.09
  • Nuçi’s Space property tax appeal heads to court this week
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 7.7.09
  • Editorial: Don’t deny tax exemption for Nuçi’s Space
    Athens-Banner Herald – 1.15.09
  • Musicians’ resource center, county sing different tune on tax break
    Blake Aued
    Athens-Banner Herald – 1.14.09
  • Nuçi’s Space and Tax Authorities Don’t See Eye to Eye
    Jeff Gore
    Flagpole Magazine – 11.8.08
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